Community Affairs

Make a difference

Gregg Silva, Chair

The Community Affairs Committee for Downtown Hilo deals with infrastructure: streets, sidewalks, parking, drains, signs—things that influence mobility and safety and ultimately lead to a more user-friendly town.

We interact with County and State officials to advocate for our downtown. Innovative parking, signage, Design Guidelines, creating a Downtown Improvement District; these are the types of issues addressed.

Bring your ideas, your patience in listening to the ideas of others, and your positive energy to move Downtown Hilo forward.

Trespass Authorization

The Hilo Downtown Improvement Association has established a designated Safety Coordinator that will work with the Hawaii County Police Department to conduct periodic walks through Downtown Hilo. As an added benefit of being a DIA member, you will have the ability to authorize the designated DIA Safety Coordinator to trespass people from your property in your stead.

Currently, if you do not want people loitering on your property you need to file a trespass complaint with the police department and be physically present. With this new member benefit, you (business owner or landowner) can authorize the DIA Safety Coordinator to do it for you by filling out a form letter that will be made available at each renewal period. Authorization letters will be valid until the following renewal date.